Our Services

Project services to meet your individual deconstruction or demolition needs.

Select Deconstruction and Demolition’s mission is to reduce the solid waste stream and change the way the building environment is renewed by salvaging building materials through deconstruction and distributing them for reuse. You have a choice in hiring a deconstruction and demolition contractor and we would be honored to be selected to work on your job site or your personal home. Each deconstruction or demolition project is treated with professionalism and respect.


Select Deconstruction and Demolition specializes in deconstruction and demolition projects with professional remodelers, architects, and building designers. We work with your vision to cleanly and professionally complete the deconstruction and/or demolition phase of the job. We are experienced in all areas of deconstruction and demolition including interior, exterior, and structural. Our employees have received OSHA safety certification and we carry all necessary public liability and worker compensation insurance.

Select Deconstruction and Demolition specializes in deconstruction and demolition projects for general contractors, remodelers, architects, private homeowners, and building designers.

We are experienced in all areas of deconstruction or demolition including interior, exterior, and structural.

• Interior wall demolition
• Ceiling and roof demolition
• Floor demolition
• Chimney demolition
• Full structure demolition


Select Deconstruction and Demolition is proud to partner with The Reuse People of America, Inc. to provide building owners the opportunity to salvage their reusable building materials during deconstruction or demolition as a tax-deductible donation. We use 3rd party appraisers to determine the value of the deconstruction donation to maximize the benefit to the homeowner with donations going to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.

Select Deconstruction and Demolition uses 3rd party appraisers to maximize the value of your deconstruction tax deduction for donating reusable building materials.

Deconstructed materials are donated to local non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill. We are a proud partner of
“The ReUse People of America, Inc.”

Deconstruction services include but are not limited to:

• Deconstructing cabinets
• Deconstructing flooring
• Deconstructing fixtures
• Deconstructing appliances
• Deconstructing architectural detail

Tree & Site Protection

The City of Austin Arborist Program requires tree permits for construction within proximity of a protected or heritage tree. These regulations are in place to achieve a balance of re-forestation and preservation. As required by the city, when trees on your property could be impacted by deconstruction or demolition, we will wrap lumber around the trunk of the tree to prevent physical damage to the trunk and install an 8-12″ layer of rough mulch over the critical root zone to prevent soil compaction.

In accordance with the requirements by the City of Austin Arborist Program Select Deconstruction and Demolition work to protect your trees during deconstruction and demolition, preserving the natural forestation of our community.

We also believe in the importance of a clean job site during deconstruction and demolition projects and work to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

• Tree protection
• Site cleans
• Silt fencing


Select Deconstruction and Demolition has extensive experience in the permitting required by the various municipalities for deconstruction and demolition.

We can help you obtain the permits you need to get your deconstruction or demolition job started promptly.

• Residential
• Commercial
• New builds
• Demolition and Demolition
• Additions
• Tenant finish outs
• Deck construction
• Tree Permits
• Quick turnaround